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Since 2020, we’ve been helping to promote outdoor recreation, sustainable tourism, adventure travel, and related activities in Italy, Europe, and worldwide.

We work with media, companies of all sizes, start-ups, individual entrepreneurs, and creatives.

Our three largest projects and respective format specialities are 200+ mountain guides to hiking and skiing in Italy, Finland and Europe for PeakVisor AR&3D app and 150+ interviews for various thematic media and corporate blogs such as Bird in Flight magazine, My Planet TV channel, Sport Marathon outdoor store, and others.

The third format is photo stories or reportages — a new direction that we are also moving in right now.

In addition to Journalism and Creative writing in three formats mentioned above, we focus on Book publishing and offer five more services: Photography, Design and illustrations, Site development, Web analytics, and Consulting.

In total, there are 500+ works in these and other formats with great reviews, including both publications (pages of content) and analytical web projects for 12 leading companies in our portfolio.

Read our selected publications by type of outdoor activity and outdoors in general.

The geography of our clients includes Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, UK, and USA.

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PeakVisor AR&3D app
Bird in Flight photo magazine weather app
Transcribe audio-text app
Zero to One Search recruitment
Eventi Yoga eventa portal
Afar travel magazine
Lime e-vehicles sharing
Woosmap mapping platform
Pet Pyjamas holidays
Ekhart Yoga online classes
Vostel volunteering site

180 guides, ski section, and 10+ SEO tasks for PeakVisor AR&3D app

PeakVisor is a leading argument reality (AR) app and site with 3D maps for navigation in the mountains from Como, Lombardy, Italy. It was featured in iPhone 13 presentation from Apple Park in September 2021.

We wrote 180 guides to the various mountain ranges, nature parks and administrative regions for the site’s hiking section “Explorer” and helped launch a new World Mountain Lifts section. In the latter we edited 20+ guides to major American and European ski resorts by other authors. Almost all of the guides rank in the top 5–10, the most popular ones has 100+ monthly traffic.

In addition to thiswe have also completed 10+ content and analytical tasks for search engine optimization (SEO) and overall website development.

Writing, Photography, Site development, Web analytics, Consulting
Nov 2020 — Apr 2023

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150+ interviews for Bird In Flight photo magazine and others

Bird In Flight is an online magazine about photography and visual culture from Kiev, Ukraine, with 225,000 monthly visitors, a content project of international photo bank, and the namesake photo award.

In the magazine we spoke with world-famous and highly-recognized street photographers from all parts of the world. Four of our 35 interviews were published in English, including this huge profile of the New York City Street Photography Collective (NYC-SPC) with seven of 21 members. It has 6,000 views. Our most popular text has 10,000 views.

In total, we made 150+ interviews in various media and corporate blogs on the same topics of our interest. For example, for Beatdom magazine, My Planet TV channel, Arrivo travel media, and Sport Marathon outdoor store.

English, Russian
Mar 2015 — present

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12 site sections, 300+ articles, and 100+ illustrations, for weather app is a leading professional weather forecast app and site for wind sports and outdoor activities recognized as the best in its category by the World Meteorological Organization in 2020.

We wrote, designed and analysed 300+ articles and pages of content, mostly on weather forecasting for outdoors, with 100+ illustrations in all 12 site sections, including the Meteorological textbook and Outdoor encyclopedia. Our most popular text “How to read wind direction” ranks #1 at Google and generates 6,000+ traffic per month. Overall, we helped to grew content from almost a zero to nearly 15% of the site.

Our work also included developing site in general and completing 30+ content and analytical tasks for search engine optimization (SEO).

Writing, Book publishing, Design and illustrations, Site development, Consulting
English, Spanish
Jun 2020 — Apr 2023

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Site launch, content plan, and 30 posts for Transcribe audio-text app

Transcribe is the leading app and site for speech to text transcribation and related services from Como, Lombardy, Italy, with over 2 million downloads on the Apple App Store.

We helped launch a site for popular mobile application from scratch, including keywords analysis, sections structure, and content plan. Then we wrote first 30 of 75 total articles with the help of a guest copywriter from the UK. For example, “How to transcribe Zoom“, “How to create a podcast“, and others. Given the high competitions, it will take a year or two for content to rank at the top.

During the launch of the project we also helped to fulfill several other important SEO tasks such as redirects from media articles with a link to the application page in the Apple App Store to its new website.

Writing, Site development
November 2021 — May 2023

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Content strategy, 15+ articles, e-book, and webinar for Zero To One Search recruitment

Zero to One Search is an international recruitment agency from Munich, Germany, with a focus on connecting IT professionals from all over the world with tech companies in the country.

We worked on brand positioning, content strategy and website development. During the project we also created 15+ articles and interviews with clients on the blog, wrote an e-book, a guide to relocation to Germany, and organised a webinar with 100+ sign-ups.

In addition to that we provided two workshop about pitching and media communications and organised an interview with CEO on external media.

Writing, Book publishing, Site development, Consulting
June 2021 — February 2020

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Content strategy and site optimisation for Eventi Yoga events portal

Eventi Yoga is the number one portal in Italy specialising in yoga events and classes with 80,000 monthly visitors from Civitanova Marche, Marche, Italy.

We worked on content strategy optimisation providing 10+ content guidances, improved site structure, and solved 20+ technical tasks on the website.

During our collaboration traffic on the key event pages improved by 50%.

Site development
Italian, English
June — November 2020

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10+ analytical projects for Afar travel magazine

Afar is the award-winning travel media with 2.5 million monthly unique visitors from New York, USA.

We worked on two migration projects — Content Management System (CMS) update and Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration including tracking dashboard updates, Google Analytics audit and tracking improvements.

Additionally, we provided support on 10+ technical questions and tasks, and organised workshops about how to better use Google Analytics.

Web analytics, Consulting
July 2022 — present

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10+ GA reports, 2 audits, and a workshop for Lime e-venichels sharing

Lime is the world’s largest shared electric vehicle company based in San Francisco, California, USA. It offers e-scooter and e-bikes in dozens of large and medium-sized cities.

We worked on audits of their Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager accounts and creating reporting for different types of pages.

After this, we also did a workshop of how to use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for tracking and reporting.

Web analytics, Consulting
April — May 2023

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10+ reports, GA migration and 2 workshops for Woosmap mapping platform

Woosmap is the leading French mapping and geolocation B2B platform from Montpellier, Occitania, with clients like Carrefour supermarkets, Decathlon sports stores, TotalEnergies energy company, and others.

We did the Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration for two of their sites and 3 subdomains. We also managed Google Tag Manager accounts and created 10+ reports to visualise the data about user flow and experience.

At the end, we provided two workshops about how to use GA4 and how to work with Google Tag Manager to improve data collecting about user experience.

Web analytics, Consulting
November — December 2022

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20+ GA custom events, 10+ reports and audit for Pet Pyjamas holidays

Pet Pyjamas is online platform offering dog-friendly holiday stays, from London, UK. It is also the namesake annual travel awards.

We worked on migration project from Google Analytics 3 to Google Analytics 4. During the process we improved the website tracking and created clear reporting of the user journey. The latter helped us to understand which marketing channels works better and bring more bookings.

In additional to reporting creation and technical improvements, we provided 2-hour workshop on how to use Google Analytics dashboards.

Web analytics, Consulting
April — June 2023

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Google Analytics 4 set up, 35+ events, and 10+ reports for Ekhart Yoga online classes

Ekhart Yoga is one of the world’s leading companies providing online yoga classes and related services from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with 370,000+ followers on their social networks in total.

We worked on Google Analytics 4 set up and creation of 35 events to visualise user behaviour. The project consisted of data visualisation about types of yoga users are more interested in, funnel creation and content engagement reports.

Additionally, we improved data collection in Google Analytics and provided workshop on how to use GA4.

Web analytics, Consulting
August — September 2022

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1-hour consulting call and email support for Vostel volunteering site

Vostel is a social enterprise offering volunteering opportunities from Berlin, Germany. Since 2015, they have been able to match 37,662 volunteers with 1,691 non-profit organizations.

During 1-hour consulting call we have answered 10+ questions about how to find the data about user behaviour in Google Analytics 4.

After that, thought email support, we helped to solve tracking issues between two analytical accounts and gave better understanding of how to use GA4 for marketing goals.

German, English
December 2023

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