Panoramica is a creative studio in the Italian Alps with roots growing out of Finnish Karelia and the greater North.

In Italy, it’s a very common word that means “overview”. There are panoramic roads, streets and trails, viewpoints, and so forth wherever you go.

Our goal is to help people look at their lives with a broader perspective through creativity, sports, nature, and friendship.

To achieve it, we write and publish books, share our experience via course and organise creative hikes in the Dolomites, and run other activities in outdoor recreation, ecological and sports sustainable tourism, adventure travel, and related areas.

We cooperate with companies and individual entrepreneurs to whom we provide several services such as Journalism and Creative writing, Book publishing, Photography, and others.

In our B2B portfolio, there are 500+ works for 12 clients among leading local and international companies such as Afar travel magazine, and PeakVisor outdoor apps, Lime e-vehicles sharing, and others.

We believe that in this way we also help develop sustainable tourism in both of our home regions, Italy and Finland, and to build a bridge between them, and your place.

Bikepacking around Garda lake and climbing the Duron pass, 1,000 m, in three days in April 2024. On the back is Baldo mountain (Monte Baldo), 2,218 m, above the town of Malcesine in the Veneto region, Italy. Ivan Kuznetsov / Panoramica

The studio was founded in 2020 by two professionals and creatives with 10+ years of experience each: Ivan Kuznetsov, an outdoor journalist, editor and writer with organisational, and guiding skills; and Irina Kudres, a photographer, photojournalist and visual storyteller with a leadership background in various digital areas, and media.

We work with several freelance editors, designers, web developers, and communication specialists.

Read the reviews about our work and communication with us from current and former clients, colleagues, and others.

Write to us at or LinkedIn. Here are also our personal contacts: Ivan’s and LinkedIn; Irina’s and LinkedIn.