Publications on cycling

There are 10+ publications on cycling for various blogs and media in my portfolio. The article “What is the fastest ebike” was at the top of Google for some time with 1,000+ clicks per month.

Velolive is the main site about world professional cycling in Russian-speaking countries with 27,000+ followers on various social networks.

The main features of 2024 men’s UCI World Tour (Russian)

UCI cyclists’ expectations from the 2024 season (intervier, Russian) is a leading professional weather forecast app and site for wind sports and outdoor activities recognized as the best in its category by the World Meteorological Organization in 2020.

A guide to the UCI World Tour calendar

Take part in the Maratona dles Dolomites

Weather for cycling. Examples from Vuelta a España

The hike&bike guide to Teide National Park

The bicycle riding temperature

Tips on weather forecasting for hiking and cycling

Download the Cycling Checklist

Mini user guide to cycling with


Velospeed is an electric bikes store in Reading, Berkshire, South East, UK, operating since 2009, whose website is visited by 27,000 people a month.

The beginners’ guide to electric bikes

Discover the different types of electric bikes

What is the fastest electric bike

How much does an electric bike weigh

The advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes

Must-know electric bike laws (editor)

Arrivo is a media about travel, owned by the digital agency Arrivo Media. As of fall 2023, the project’s audience is 92,000 visitors per month, but it had 1.5 million at its peak between 2012 and 2017.

How to travel by bicycle. Stories of six (intervier, Russian)

To Live Interesengly

To Live Interesengly is an online magazine. It is dedicated to self-education, mindfulness, travel and more.

What we can learn from cycling in the mountains  (Russian)