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Ivan Kuznetsov — outdoor journalist, editor and writer, co-founder of Panoramica creative studio in the Italian Alps.

— Since 2014, I’ve been creating, distributing and analysing content on all main outdoor activities, eco-tourism, adventure travel, and related topics.

My three main format specialities are first-person guides and long reads (200+), interviews with experts (150+), and a photo stories or reportages — a new direction that I’m also moving in right now.

In total, there are 1,000+ publications in my CV and portfolio in almost all genres from news to research, which collected millions of views and rank in the top of the Google.

As a writer, I’m an author of two books: an ecological one-place travelogue “The mountain keeper. A year in the Dolomites, Italy” and “I’m arriving. How to travel, live in the world and be your true self” — the first-ever collection of interviews with well-known Russian-speaking travelers.

As a speaker, I took part in 18 offline and live online events with public talks about my home regions, Italy and Finland, adventure travel, journalism and writing, and other related topics. I’ve also done over ten Q&A interviews for various popular media and blogs.

My other creative- and travel-related achievements include 11 personally organised creative hikes, as I call it, in the Dolomites for 32 people; two educational courses for writers and a game; and studying at a masters degree course “Planning and Management of Tourism Systems” at the University of Bergamo, Italy.

Prior to Italy, I lived in 30 places in 10 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America for periods ranging from more than a month to a year. These stays involved everything from couchsurfing and volunteering to freelancing and doing a writing residence — spending enough time not to call it “traveling.”

I speak three languages: English, Italian and Russian.

There are more than 200 positive reviews about working and communicating with me.

Write me at ciao@panoramica.studio or LinkedIn. Here’s also my personal iamkunavi@gmail.com and LinkedIn.

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