The art and science of street photography

Interviews with masters and advanced amateurs


“The art and science of street photography” is a collection of interviews with well-known and recognized masters of the genre and advanced amateurs from around the world, at once an uplifting and practical book.

Among the interviewees are Gustavo Minas, Brazil; Nils Jorgensen, United Kingdom; Shin Noguchi, Japan; Tavepong Pratoomwong, Thailand; Julie Hrudová, the Netherlands; Angelo Ferrillo, Italy; Jorge Garcia, USA; and Marcin Ryczek, Poland. In total, there are 25 photographers from 16 countries from three parts of the world: America, Europe, and Asia. They will share their inspiring stories, useful tips, and life philosophy with you in a variety of formats that will keep you engaged while reading. These are Q&As on portfolios, behind-the-scenes narratives of the best shots, examples of photo projects, essay on repetition, NYC collective profile, advice, and long-form interviews. Eight of these stories have not been published on the internet before.

The book will be useful for beginners and advanced amateurs, as well as anyone who wants to master one of the easiest and most popular genres of photography. It will spark your photographic creativity and help you to get first shots in your portfolio.

I would add something very important to the rule of 10 percent talent and 90 percent hard work, like knowing myself and recognizing what I want to do and why. It concerns everything in our lives, not just photography.

— Marcin Ryczek, photographer, Kraków, Poland


Ivan Kuznetsov — outdoor journalist, editor and writer, co-founder of Panoramica creative studio in the Italian Alps.

He comes from a family of amateur photographers and has been taking pictures since 2004, when his father gifted him an analog Olympus camera before he went to the United States for three months on the Work&Travel USA program. He started doing street photography in 2017 after he made his first interviews with recognized masters and advanced amateurs of the genre for Bird in Flight photo magazine and bought his first iPhone at the same time.

As a journalist, he has authored more than 150 interviews in total with various famous and local people on many topics that are somehow related to travel, outdoors, nature, creativity, and the like. His geography of publications covers the globe from Alaska to New Zealand and from Patagonia to the Russian Far East for local and leading international media and blogs.

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• 239 pages
• 25 stories, 8 never before published
• 7 formats: Q&As, advice, essay…
• 16 countries across America, Europe and Asia
• NYC Street Photography Collective


1. Portfolios
Akkara Naktamna, Thailand
Chu Việt Hà, Vietnam
Eric Kogan, USA
Gustavo Minas, Brazil
Nils Jorgensen, UK
Shin Noguchi, Japan
2. Behind-the-scenes stories
Dzesika Devic, Canada
Peter Kool, Belgium
Richard Bram, UK
Tavepong Pratoomwong, Thailand
3. Photo projects
Alexei Domrachev, Russia
Giedo Van der Zwan, the Netherlands
Ryosuke Takamura, Japan
Yota Yoshida, Japan
4. Essay on repetition
Julie Hrudová, Czechia — the Netherlands
5. NYC collective profile
Jorge Garcia, USA
Laura Fornale, Italy — USA
Mathias Wasik, Poland — USA
Rex Kandhai, USA
Salim Hasbini, USA
Steven Davis, USA
Youngjae Lim, South Korea — USA
6. Advice
Angelo Ferrillo, Italy
7. Interviews
Marcin Ryczek, Poland
Zoltán Vancsó, Hungary

Giedo Van der Zwan
Mathias Wasik
Rex Kandhai

All book data

Title: The art and science of street photography: Interviews with masters and advanced amateurs
Author and interviewer: Ivan Kuznetsov
Publisher: Panoramica
Date of first publication: August 1, 2024
Language: English
• Translation from Russian and Italian to English: Ivan Kuznetsov
• Editors: Svetlana Sukhanova, Irina Sklyar, Olga Osipova, Eugene Safonov
• Cover and layout design: Ivan Kuznetsov
• E-book: mobi, epub, 2.1 MB
Paper book: 239 pages, 12.7 x 20.32 cm (5 x 8 in), soft matter cover, b&w print with 2 illustrations
• Print run: print-on-demand
• Foreign rights: available for all languages, countries, and formats, write to us at

Read the second part of this book, “Street photography as therapy”. These interviews and the examples of their protagonists inspired the author to pursue his passion for photography and to shoot more and, as he sees it, better. For his 20th anniversary of traveling the world independently (2004–2014), he selected the 100 best shots and told the stories behind the scenes with advices.

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