Irina’s profile

Irina Serdyukovskaya — photographer and co-founder of Panoramica creative studio in the Italian Alps.

— During 10+ years, I’ve been working in digital — from being a co-founder of online wedding magazine in Russia, leading international PR and marketing team in Germany and Malaysia, becoming a mentor and starting my international consultancy in 2018.

My three main type of projects are: web analytical projects, content strategy and photography. Balancing my way between technical complex things and creativity.

In total, there are 50+ clients I worked with on web analytical projects and content strategies during these years.

Apart from ‘doing things’, I am a mentor in ‘Women In Tech SEO’ , have taken part in official program and ‘unofficially’ supporting women on career development in digital and all things about web analytics.

As a speaker, I participated in 10+ online events with public talks about web analytics, content strategies, and other related topics.

I have lived and worked in Russia, Germany, Malaysia and Italy.

I speak three languages: fluent English, basic Italian and native Russian. I can read in basic German too.

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