Street photography as therapy

Behind-the-scenes stories and advice. Photobook


“Street photography as therapy” is a book of behind-the-scenes stories and advice from 100 photos. Its author is an outdoor journalist, editor, writer, and an amateur photographer like you. He made them little by little during 20 years of traveling in Europe, Asia, and America (2004–2014).

With the book, he sets an example of how you can engage in real, non-AI-creativity, using only your smartphone or camera. Street photography, a simple and popular genre, is best suited for this. Besides, it’s a free self-therapy session you can take not leaving your home. By telling stories in writing, we reflect on life’s moments and as if we are traveling through them once more. This helps us answer our personal questions and improve ourselves. The book also contains small useful advices on how to make good photos, which the author shares based on his experience of interviewing 25 masters and advanced amateurs of the genre, which he collected in his other work, “The art and science of street photography”. They also give feedback on his photos.

This book would be suitable especially for those who don’t do any creation. You can freely copy the author’s idea and make your similar book. It’s also a unique gift for friends on absolutely any occasion.


Ivan Kuznetsov — outdoor journalist, editor and writer, co-founder of Panoramica creative studio in the Italian Alps.

He comes from a family of amateur photographers and has been taking pictures since 2004, when his father gifted him an analog Olympus camera before he went to the United States for three months on the Work&Travel USA program. He started doing street photography in 2017 after he made his first interviews for Bird in Flight photo magazine with recognized masters of the genre and bought his first iPhone at the same time.

As a journalist and editor, he is an author of 1,000 publications (pages of content), including 150+ interviews with various famous and local people on many topics related to travel, outdoors, nature, and creativity, for leading media and blogs. Thanks to this, he traveled around the world, from Alaska to New Zealand and from Patagonia to the Russian Far East, not leaving his working desk. In reality he is actively travels in his home regions, Italy and Finland, and writes guides and long reads about them with 200+ such publications.

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• 100+ photographs
• 20 years of traveling
• People-focused
• Advice
• Experts feedback


Photo stories

Sample photos

Only the captions are shown here so far. Each photograph in the book is accompanied by a short one-page story.

Chinese tourists take pictures on Red Square in Moscow, Russia, in May 2018. Ivan Kuznetsov / Panoramica
Participants of Creative hikes in the Pale di San Martino mountains in the Dolomites, Italy, in September 2018. Ivan Kuznetsov / Panoramica
A man falls on the ice at an ice rink in Moscow, Russia, in January 2019. Ivan Kuznetsov / Panoramica
Irina Kudres at the exhibition “Peaks of light. Naoki Ishikawa on the Orobian Alps” (“Vette di luce. Naoki Ishikawa sulle Alpi Orobie”) in Carrara Academy (Accademia Carrara) in Bergamo, Italy, in August 2023. Ivan Kuznetsov / Panoramica
A hiker walks against strong winds on a plateau near the town of Rocca Calascio in the mountains of the Abruzzo region, Italy, in September 2023. Ivan Kuznetsov / Panoramica

All book data

• Title: Street photography as therapy: Behind-the-scenes stories and advice. Photobook
• Author: Ivan Kuznetsov
• Publisher: Panoramica
• Date of first publication: summer 2024
• Language: English
• Translation from Russian to English: Ivan Kuznetsov
• Editor: Ivan Kuznetsov
• Layout design: Ivan Kuznetsov
• E-book: mobi, epub, with 100 color photographs
• Paper book: soft cover, b&w print with photographs
• Print run: print-on-demand
• Foreign rights: available for all languages and all countries, write to us at

This book is also available in Russian language.

Read the first part of this book, “The art and science of street photography“. The author began making photos more often and, as he thinks, better, and wrote this book inspired by a series of 25 interviews with famous street photographers from different parts the world that he recorded over three years for an online photo magazine. The book contains their own stories behind their best shots, advice and just their life and creative philosophies.

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