Closer to the sea

Stories from low season on the Italian coast. Photobook


“Closer to the sea” is a photobook with short stories about low winter season on the Riviera of Ulysses (Riviera di Ulisse) of the Italian coast between Rome and Naples. Ulysses is latin name of Odysseus, an ancient Greek traveler, the main hero of the Homer’s epic of the same name.

For four months, from November to March, the author went out with her camera and observed how the sea changes: low tides and high tides, storms or calm, all shades of blue, and more. She watched people fishing, cycling by, swimming in the cold water, catching waves with their surfboards, and just walking along the promenades at sunsets. Using Riviera of Ulysses, as well as three neighboring Neapolitan islands, Procida, Ischia, and Ponza, as an example, the author shows the wild beauty of the sea without swimming rings, beaches without umbrellas, and quiet coastal settlements without tourists: Sperlonga, Terracina, San Felice Circeo, Gaeta, and Formia. Yeah, it’s that simple: to experience the wild sea, it is enough to come to the Italian coast in winter, breaking the “summer sea vacation” formula. To any coast.

The book is addressed to explorers with a camera, who are not tied to vacation dates or want to change them. It will give an inspiration to everyone who wants to live a real life and not an artificial one, to talk to themselves and not only listen to others, to be part of nature and not its master. Being at the sea in the low season is one way to do this.

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Irina Kudres — outdoor photographer, photojournalist and visual storyteller, co-founder of Panoramica creative studio in the Italian Alps.

Her travels on the various European seas began in early childhood. Together with her mom, once a year, they traveled by car or train in Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, and other countries, visiting popular tourism attractions and stopping in quiet seaside towns for a couple of days or a week. Usually in the summer or early autumn. The turning point that changed her mind about typical summer vacations was her first independent trip in Barcelona in winter. Since then, she has spent a few months each year at the sea, studying its wild beauty and watching other local people and visitors doing the same thing.

This is her first major solo book, although she has published a women’s wedding magazine in her own company and helped others with their editorial project for 10 years of her professional career.


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• 100 photographs
• 4 months of traveling
• People-focused
• Advice
• Experts feedback


Photo stories

Book data

Title: Closer to the sea: Stories from low season on the Italian coast. Photobook
Author: Irina Kudres
Publisher: Panoramica
Date of first publication: Autumn 2024
Language: English
Translation from Russian to English: Irina Kudres
Photographs: Irina Kudres
E-book: mobi, epub with 100 color photographs
Paper book: hardcover, b&w print with photographs
Print run: print-on-demand
Foreign rights: available for all languages, countries and formats, write to us at

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