Beyond the Italy Divide

Interviews with Italian bikepacking pioneers on their enthusiasm


“Beyond the Italy Divide” is a collection of interviews with Italian bikepacking pioneers and an attempt to informally summarize a decade of the movement’s development (2014–2024). Moreover, it is a book about enthusiasm and creativity in any endeavor be it sport, education, business, and others.

The title refers to the main bikepacking event covering the whole country from Naples to Lake Garda, but immediately goes far beyond it through all 20 regions. Organizers of popular and little-known regional events — Piemont Gravel, Tuscany Trail, Abruzzo Grave, Trail dei Papi, Basilicata Bike Trail, Two Volcano Sprint, including both major islands: Sicily Divide and Sardinia Divide — talk about everything but the technical details of the routes. It’s a human story, not a classic guide or “how-to” instructions, although you will find a map, a calendar, routes data, and more in the book. In other words, it is Italian bikepacking in the first person, not the third.

The book is aimed both at those who are already passionate about bikepacking and those who are just about to take up this trendy sport. It will also be of interest to any traveler who is interested in Italy and wants to see the country from an unusual angle.

At the end of the bike ride we always come back different, tired, but enriched with something what we can’t even understand right away.

— Domenico Errigo, organizer of Kalabria Divide and other events in the Calabria region


Bikepacking around Garda Lake and climbing the Duron pass, 1,000 m, over three days in April 2024. On the back is Baldo mountain (Monte Baldo), 2,218 m, above the town of Malcesine in the Veneto region, Italy. Ivan Kuznetsov / Panoramica

Irina Kudres — outdoor photographer, photojournalist and visual storyteller, co-founder of Panoramica creative studio.

She started cycling and bikepacking in March 2021. Today she climbs the steepest passes in the Italian Alps: Passo San Marco, Passo Gavia, Passo Duron, Passo Brocon, and many others. Her list of bikepacking adventures includes gravel rides on Campo Imperatore in Abruzzo, Strade Bianche in Toscana, Via Claudia Augusta in Veneto, and Via Francigena in Lazio and Campania, not speaking about riding around all five major lakes in Northern Italy.

This is her first major work in the interview genre, but she has recorded individual stories and short series before, working on other thematic projects about startups, well-being, migration, and others.

Ivan Kuznetsov — outdoor journalist, editor and writer, co-founder of Panoramica creative studio.

The son of a member of the USSR Youth Cycling Team, training for the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Russia, he started riding a bike in March 2013 in Lamon, Belluno, the Dolomites, where the final stages of the 2019 Giro di Italia took place, on an old mountain bike without rear brakes — there was no other. At that time he was volunteering in a year-long environmental project of the Legambiente. After climbing all the mountains around the village, he went to the neighboring Monte Grappa, Passo Rolle, Passo Pordoi, and then all of the written above with Irina.

As a journalist, he has authored more than 150 interviews in total with various famous and local people on many topics that are somehow related to travel, outdoors, nature, creativity, and the like. His geography of publications covers the globe from Alaska to New Zealand and from Patagonia to the Russian Far East for local and leading international media and blogs.

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• 20 regions
• 25+ bikepacking events organisers
• 125+ questions and answers
• 10 color illustrations and infographics
• Practical info


Foreword by Rocco Filidoro, MSP Italia
Valle d’Aosta
Trentino-Alto Adige
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Technical info
Afterword by Andrea Benesso, BAM festival

Irina Kudres almost reached Campo Imperatore, Abruzzo, on her gravel bike but we turn back because of the hurricane wind. Ivan Kuznetsov / Panoramica

All book data

Title: Beyond the Italy Divide: Interviews with Italian bikepacking pioneers on their enthusiasm
Authors: Irina Kudres, Ivan Kuznetsov
Publisher: Panoramica
Date of first publication: Autumn 2024
Language: English
Translation from Italian to English: Ivan Kuznetsov
Layout design: Ivan Kuznetsov
E-book: mobi, epub with 10 color illustrations
Paper book: soft cover, b&w print with 10 illustrations
Print run: print-on-demand
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This book is also available in Italian.

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